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I’ve been trying to find an affordable Windows 10 Home to Pro upgrade key for the past six months and finally decided to go for it. The process began when I bought the brand new Dell XPS8940 six months ago for an incredible price -an offer that was too attractive to pass up. The only downside is that it was shipped with Windows 10 Home pre-installed rather than Windows 10 Pro. Although I don’t dislike this edition of Windows, it’s going to be perfect for me under normal circumstances. However, as a technology writer, I need access to the extra options offered through the Pro edition. For instance, the Group Policy Editor and Windows Sandbox are examples to assist in writing guides and articles.

I purchased the Dell machine for an affordable price, so I could leave enough allowance in the budget to cover upgrading from Pro to Home, at least that’s what I believed. Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake. I did not examine the upgrade cost before I made the purchase. After receiving the new computer, I began the upgrade process using Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store and almost lost my balance as I noticed that Microsoft demanded a staggering $300.00AU to upgrade the license. It was not a good idea to shell out that amount. So began my look for a cheaper alternative.


Over the last two years, I’ve scoured various online stores that sell Windows and Office license keys at discounted prices. Finally, I found one that matched my requirements: the microprokey I didn’t want an extremely low price following the old saying that if it appears too appealing in reality, it most likely is. I just wanted an affordable cost from a trusted source. When I looked into microprokey , which offers discounted key licenses for variety options of Windows as well as Microsoft Office editions, my investigation only revealed positive results:

  • microprokey is based in the US and has been operating for over 3 years
  • The majority of Trustpilot customer review are on Trustpilot and resellerrating can be favorable reviews with an average of 4.9 out of five)
  • Offers a variety of safe payment options, including PayPal and Card payment.
  • Fantastic communication, with instant delivery via email

The one thing I do not prefer to do under any circumstances is give my credit card information on the internet, so using the PayPal choice was big advantage for me. The transaction was completed in a matter of minutes. was complete, I received numerous emails from Microprokey, including an exact invoice and detailed instructions about how to proceed. It included the key to activate the license. If you buy the Windows licence key (as as opposed to an update key) the email will not contain only detailed instructions but it also contains a direct hyperlink for downloading your Windows version (ISO) that is associated with the key.

The price I was charged $70.00AU to purchase my Windows 10 Home to Pro upgrade key. Not super inexpensive, but a reasonable cost, which is less than one quarter of $300.00AU requested by Microsoft. The upgrade was smooth and without no problems as my Windows 10 Home machine has been upgraded successfully up to Windows 10 Pro.


I’m not in any way advocating MICROPROKEY , because that could put me in a potentially vulnerable situation. I’m simply giving you my findings from my research and my personal experiences with the company. The rest is completely yours.

It is important to note that I wouldn’t recommend buying license keys at a bargain from eBay which is where a lot of sellers are merely fly-by-nighters. It’s fine to offer great-sounding warranties, however if the seller quits eBay or ceases to be contactable these guarantees are useless. It’s the reason why you should find a reliable source.

Note: At the moment I’m unable to ensure that the license I purchased will continue working in the near future. the line, but that only time will tell. Based on the information I’ve gathered and my experience so far I am confident that this won’t be the situation.

  • Disclaimer: Both I nor DCT are in any manner or associated or associated with MICRO PRO KEY and we receive no benefits from or from this publication


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